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Transport industries are on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution. Autonomous vehicles, data, robotics, Ai, and hyper-connectivity will change the way we access transport services. Obtain future-focused, strategic advice and consultancy services, executive coaching, lobbying, and practical, professional advice to mobilise your business. Potential, Realised.

Mike Walsh with the leaders of AsBAA, NBAA, and IBAC

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  • I have known & had the pleasure of worked with Mike for the past 5+ years in the Asian region. We have stood side by side together as advocates and representatives for our industry. He is one of the most passionate and hardworking guys I know and always makes time to bounce or share an idea, his thoughts to add to the conversation. He brings tremendous value to the table, is known for being a leading charter expert and growing start-up companies and their respective sales revenue. One of his other strengths is his determination in obtaining buy in and support from industry stakeholders. His ability to understand the issue, your immediate need and connect you with the right people on any given project is second to none. He literally knows everyone in our industry, which typically ensures your level of success is a given from the outset by consulting with him.

    Charlie Mularski, Executive Vice President, Universal Weather & Aviation
  • Mike Walsh has supported Frost & Sullivan in the capacity as an external advisor in a project where we worked closely together. His insights into business aviation and innovative concepts for the future design of Asian business aviation at airports are truly transformative. His supplemental ideas on aerospace registry and the uberization of the skies landscape above Smart Cities were also inspiring for our client. Mike is able to bring ample knowledge on charter aviation operations, MRO and strategic concepts on how airports need to adapt themselves to the new digital economy and position themselves suitably to fully realise the growth potential of business aviation.

    Amartya De, Associate Director, Aviation & Public Sector Practise, Frost & Sullivan
  • I have known & worked with Mike for the past decade in the Asian region. We both have a deep passion and shared thoughts on our industries future direction. I feel privileged to have worked together on certain initiatives in our efforts to move the sector forward under AsBAA the Asian Business Aviation trade association, despite the many challenges we have and continue to face. Mike brings a tremendous energy that pushes the boundaries of whats typically deemed acceptable and doesn’t like to take no for an answer from industry colleagues and Government representatives. He has a track record of success in business having built companies and created value propositions. I wish there were more influential leaders like him out here.

    David M. Dixon MBE FRAeS, President, Jetcraft Asia